Uninformed Search Algorithms

In the previous post, we learnt how we can model a search problem, the general tree search algorithm and properties of search algorithms. In this post, we’ll see how a search problem looks like in code, several uninformed search algorithms, why they are called uninformed and their properties.

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Search Problems in AI

Let’s talk about Search, the most basic of techniques in AI. Search provides a very broad framework for modeling problems, almost any problem can be modeled as a search problem (e.g., finding the shortest path between two cities, finding the best next move in a game of chess, or finding the best sequence of stock trades).A search problem consists of:

  1. A state space
  2. A successor function
  3. A start state
  4. A goal test

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Getting started with Artificial Intelligence

I’m planning to start a series of blog posts on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has had a resurgence in recent times, with technology leaders including Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking (Rise of the Machines, Friendly AI, Scary AI, AI revolution) talking about the potential existential threat it poses to humanity, and its depiction in popular culture (Age of Ultron, Her).

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