Getting started with Artificial Intelligence

I’m planning to start a series of blog posts on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has had a resurgence in recent times, with technology leaders including Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking (Rise of the Machines, Friendly AI, Scary AI, AI revolution) talking about the potential existential threat it poses to humanity, and its depiction in popular culture (Age of Ultron, Her).

While we may not get to something so fancy with these blog posts, we’ll be able to understand different AI techniques and write our own AI bots (game bots, constraint satisfaction, bayes nets etc.). If you are interested in learning more about AI techniques, you should look at these resources:

I really enjoyed the first two courses on this list. The AI course by Berkeley is an excellent hands-on introduction to AI and the professor is really awesome. The GGP course will enable you to write a game bot that can play arbitrary games (with some constraints). Trust me when I say that losing against your precious little bot is an amazing experience. You can find all the posts I’ve written about AI so far by clicking here – Category:AI. This link will show new posts about AI as and when they come up. Let’s get started.

7 thoughts on “Getting started with Artificial Intelligence

  1. I reblogged this to my own blog. I have long been interested in AI. My novel Mindclone uses a novel brain-scanning technique to upload the memories and the complete persona of the main character to create a digital twin. And my latest short story, A Disturbance in the Church, is a satire about an android seeking absolution for his supposed sins. If you’re curious, you can find links here:

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