A blog on Computer Science concepts. Blog topics cover a huge domain including online courses, competitive programming, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Data Structures and so on.

Here’s a word about myself:

Kartik KukrejaI’m a CS enthusiast who believes that exponential technologies will create a transhuman utopia in the coming decades. After graduating from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE) with a B.Tech. in Computer Engineering, I joined Bing Maps team at Microsoft India Development Center as a Software Engineer and am currently working on improving the maps data quality at Microsoft Bellevue. I believe in life-long learning and the potential of online education to provide learning opportunities to everyone. I’ve dabbled in competitive programming (view my profiles at HackerRank, HackerEarthSpoj and Codechef), AI game programming, blogging and playing chess (join me at chess.com).

Click here to view my resume.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kartik, I am from MS IDC Hyderabad. I am looking for some guidance to prepare for interviews for Devdiv or office team.

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