The true cost of FREE!

I just finished reading this wonderful book: Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. It describes how we systematically behave irrationally, hence making it predictable. Although I consider myself a fairly rational person, I must confess I’ve acted rather irrationally a few times in the past (Ah, to be young and foolish). I would’ve thought that those were erratic, one-off cases but the book presents a case that there are patterns underlying our fallibility. One pattern that really resonated with me was how we behave irrationally around zero cost. There’s a particular allure for free stuff.

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What I learned after coming to the US

Pardon the clickbait title, but there was no easy way to get my friends to learn about 401K, HSA and similar “boring” things. Quite a few of my friends are coming to the US in the next few months and if I can summarize my experiences and my many hours of research, it should help them get up to speed quickly and avoid making the same mistakes I did.

Let’s start at the beginning. I came to the US from India, mid-march this year on an L-1B visa. Some of my experiences may only be relevant to those coming from India but most should be relevant to anyone coming to US on a work visa.

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Preparing for the Coding Interview

I recently got interviewed for a position at Microsoft and I think I owe acknowledgement to the various interview resources I used to prepare for it. Further, it should be helpful to many others like me who will be facing technical interviews this interview season.

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